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Surf camp on Bali Slowdance & Good Story Surf

Go Flow Good Story & Slowdance

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In February 14-24, Slowdance vinyl label & art community will arrange a surf camp in Bali with the professional Good Story surf school. During 10 days of the program, you can pop up on board catching the first wave with all your zest, after which you will hardly want to stop. Balance is crucial in everything, so the peaceful ocean, smiles of your new friends and the irresistible magic of nature all will help to wind in a versatile way. Rhyming with the carefree everyday life of the islanders, Slowdance will effortlessly take on the music wheel.

From its very birth, the core message of SLOWDANCE has been the love of music. Year after year, with a more focus on details in organizing parties, the project transformed into a large community, a vinyl label and a professional team nurturing its musicians. Recently, the team has actively joined friendly collaborations globally and arranged events in Moscow together with MiniBar, Pressure Traxx, Mosaic Records, Sushitech records, Discobar, Sol-Asulym, SlowLife, Landelles and Yoyaku.


11 days

We will live in a five-story SURF MOTEL with a panoramic roof, a bar and two pools in the center of the surfers’ world, in the trendiest area of the island of Bali – Canggu, Echo Beach.

SURF MOTEL will become the platform of our lifestyle: here we will surf, play music, travel, have fun and practice sport.

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5 surfing lessons

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During the course, the tasks of the lessons will change from simple to complex in such a way that, depending on the level of learner preparation, by the end of the trip, the progress in skills will be obvious to each of the participants. The camp’s sports program features:

5 team surfing lessons

equipment rental

5 lectures on surfing theory

analysis of errors based on photo and video

opportunity to get an answer to any surf-related questions

After the main lesson, there is an opportunity to work out the acquired skills on your own. The price includes the rental of equipment for the entire camp stay period.



Yoga and surfing have been interlinked. Yoga is a great way to prepare your body and mind for the ocean. Workouts are balanced and suitable for people with any level of fitness, regardless of sex and age. Everything needs sync and peace of mind. A singing bowl meditation will help restore balance.

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Check available air tickets and convenient flights to Bali here.

If you go to Bali for less than a month, then upon arrival you will have a stamp valid for 30 days. Doing anything special for this is unnecessary. Such a free visa upon arrival is issued to citizens of very many countries, including the Russian Federation and the CIS. You cannot extend this visa! See the visa rules for different nationalities here.


Double room$1250
Single room $1500

Shuttle transfer from the airport to the hotel and back

Local SIM card

11 days BB

5 surfing lessons with rented equipment

Surfing equipment rental

5 yoga classes

Sunset music session on the hotel roof

Sunset music session on Balian Beach

Trip to Aling-Aling Waterfall

Trip to the beach

Slowdance camp closing party


flight (air tickets are purchased by participants)


sports insurance

cars and bikes to your taste can be rented at the hotel

transfer to various locations across the island (for example, surfing and day trips around the island)

lunches and dinners


Terms & Conditions

Cancellation policy
In case if the reservation is cancelled, the prepayment is withheld by the hotel owner. It is also possible to change for any available dates by a separate request.
In case if the surf school is canceled, the prepayment is not refundable. Although It is possible to attend classes at any convenient time within 1 year.
In the case of not passing the entire paid course at the surf school, it is also possible to attend classes at any convenient time for 1 year.

30% prepayment. 70% is paid upon arrival!